Outline the cybersecurity issues of petrochemical industry

You will be presented with a series of essay questions to be answered in your own words. You may use any legitimate resource from the web, textbook, lecture, etc., but use your own analytical thought process to ensure evidence of understanding of the material. Your response to each question must be at least one page in length.

Respond using standard APA format. NOTE: There is no requirement for an abstract, table of contents, etc., but remember to properly cite external sources. Use appropriate formatting with standard fonts and size.


1. Outline the Cybersecurity issues and vulnerabilities of the petrochemical industry. Include in your answer specific actions required to improve the security profile of this industry.

2. Using Clarke’s assessment from chapter six of Cyber War: The Next Threats to National Security and What to Do About It, describe America’s potential best scenario use of “Offensive Cyberwar” to attack other nation’s infrastructure (and therefore protect our own CI). Feel free to provide ‘theoretical’ scenarios and war-gaming actions that would best serve our nation’s efforts for debilitating a foe’s national infrastructure.

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