Pan?s Labyrinth Research Assignment

Thesis proposal and Research Part II due by 13:00, Friday October 27 on Blackboard. These are to be submitted as the revision of Research Part I. There you can revise Research Part I to incorporate the Research Part II elements and thesis (you add them at the bottom of the paper). This is explained at the bottom of the Research Part II/Thesis assignment:
Research Part II (a scholarly source plus your thesis statement)

For your research paper, you are required to find and utilize 1 scholarly and 2 quality sources. You may be able to use the quality sources you already have, but depending on your research topic, you may need to find more. Part I (which you have already completed) is revisable. Instead of uploading a new paper, you will revise the Part I paper to include this second round of research. Add it BELOW the first set of research. Put the Scholarly Source first and any new Quality Sources after it. Your thesis will be last.

One scholarly source is required. This source should come from a database such as JSTORE or Muse, or Wilson?s. The name of the database and the date it was accessed will be included in the Works Cited details, so make sure you have saved this information. Regular sites from the internet do not count.

Google Scholar.Don?t be anxious ? there is a new research tool called Google Scholar. Google Scholar searches scholarly databases. The issue you will find is that it will give you the names of sources, but you may not be able to actually get them ? membership to the database the source is archived in is required.

Keywords.Keywords and subject tags are the secret to research. When looking for texts that will help you, you need to think up keywords that will lead you to the kinds of information you want. You need to play with them (and not give up if you don?t find exactly what you want straight away). Think about your research question, think about your primary text (Pan?s Labyrinth) and work out from there to words and terms that an author might use when writing about the film or about related concepts.

Scholarly Source

Title of the text:


Database used to access it:

Description of information in the text that will be useful to cite for your essay:

Quality Sources Different than in Research Part I – for each use source this template (it?s the same as in Research Part I).


Description of the source:

Summary of the kind of information that?s useful in the source:

Thesis Statement:Here describe in a sentence or short paragraph what the claim of your essay will be (in response to the essay prompt you chose). Remember you thesis is the engine for the exploration and development of your paper. It should not contain quotes or explanation ? it?s the statement of your overall answer (which you then detail and develop in the paper itself. Everything in your paper must be help expand and explore your thesis. Be direct and clear.


Research paper due Monday, November 5th by 12am.
Choose one of the prompts below. In a thesis driven paper, explore the issue/s raised by the prompt, including close discussion of elements of the film, your analysis, research relevant to the prompt, and connections to other texts if appropriate. Your paper should be 10-11 pages long and formatted using MLA rules, including a fully formatted Works Cited page at the end of your essay that correctly documents all sources used, including the film. (The Works Cited page is not part of your page count).

Be careful to structure your paper so every paragraph directly helps to expand your thesis claim you lay out at the end of your introduction. Make sure each paragraph has a purpose and helps push your claim forward; do not walk through the sequence of the film. Do not front load your research or dump it in one part of the paper. Use what you have learned throughout the paper ? discuss it as you go in ways that help you explore your own ideas or let you discuss things you wouldn?t have got to by yourself but that help your thesis. Remember to start the body of your paper with useful information, context, or concepts and build towards your strongest points at the end. Your thesis should be fully expanded by the time you get to the conclusion (which pulls all of the parts of the paper together). Remember you can use brief summary, quotation, and paraphrasing to bring the research into your paper, and all must be correctly formatted using MLA rules.

The Prompts (choose and respond to only one)
1.How does Pan?s Labyrinth explore the devastating reality of the Spanish Civil War and perhaps war itself through the use of fantasy and monsters? What does the film end up saying about fascism and war?

2.Pan?s Labyrinth has three important female characters: Ofelia, her mother, and Mercedes. Women are often invisible in representations of war. What is the film exploring through these characters?

3.At the end of the film, Ofelia?s moral sacrifice results in the defeat of the Captain ? but at the expense of her own life. Examine Ofelia?s life and death; is she really Princess Moanna who has to complete a heroic quest to save everyone and become a princess again, or is she a girl trying to cope with a terrible situation who finally falls victim to it?

4.How is this film a discussion of the morality of obedience and disobedience? What does the film end up saying about the value of disobedience?

5. Examine the fabulist symbolism of the film closely. Thinking about the labyrinth, faun, fairies, and other elements at play, why and how does del Toro weave the fantastical together with the harsh realities of fascism and war. Why mix fairytale and ultra-violence?

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