Paper discussing some aspect of a serial or mass murder

You are required to write a research paper discussing some aspect of a serial or mass murder. Students should include an overview of the incident or a brief biography of the serial killer but should concentrate on the “why” behind the behavior. The paper can focus on a particular type of offender, e.g., Ted Bundy or relate to a specific incident, e.g., mass shootings or the Aurora, Colorado shooting.

You must include possible causal or contributing factors that could explain this particular type of violence. For example, if you choose a serial killer, are there factors in his or her life that would have led to this type of behavior? Was there evidence of mental problems, relationship issues with parents, or difficulties at school? If you choose a specific incident, were there identifiable precursors that would have predicted this behavior? Was the person purchasing weapons, relationship problems, identified/unidentified mental disorders, bullying or ostracized at work or school?

The paper must be between 5 and 7 pages in length (1250-1750 words), double-spaced using Arial 11-point, or Times New Roman 12-point font. Use APA (6th Ed.) style, including 1-inch margins all the way around. Your paper must have a minimum of 12 references and all references must be cited in the paper following APA formatting styles.

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