Paper-the discussion on sports and the media

Write a paper on Topic “The discussion on sports and the media has a basis on the assumption that media content informs people’s lives and the social worlds” your paper should be written in MLA Style and more than 3200-3500 words count including citation.
Your paper should be followed content
  • Introduction
  • Purpose of Sports in the media
  • The way that sports impact lives
  • Sports without media, Media without Sports
  • How would sports survive?
  • Selling of sports apparel
  • Lack of sporting events attendance
  • Lack of endorsements
  • Lack of cities revenue
  • Less participation at younger levels
  • Media without sports
  • What do sports fans get out of having the media included in sports?
  • Latest updates on the past and future
  • Different level of sports
  • Rising athletes
  • Updates for the ones not present during the period in time
  • Less income
  • Conclusion

Words Limit: 3500

Citation Minimum 6

Sports and the media have developed to become interconnected aspects having a global and a regional scope of operation. They have a network of complex relationship which is important to understand to learn of their impacts to one another. The major media companies pay to access the coverage of the sporting activities that in turn generates revenues for the teams. On the other hand, the media benefits from increased audience and revenues from advertisers. The media has demonstrated the ability to influence the development of sports since many have huge followings due to the easy access to information. As such, none of the two global aspects can survive without the other. Further research should focus on assessing the specific impact that each media platform has on sports whether negative or positive.

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