paraprase The concept of Christianity and commitment to prayers

paraprase The concept of Christianity and commitment to prayers
Study Guide
1. The concept of Christianity and commitment to prayers has been supported by Robert Goizueta. He opines that his belief on the new societal view on spirituality
should be anchored on prayers. While this is so, he still leans though selectively on some traditions, especially those that are in line with the Christian believe.
2. Goizueta opines that the Fiesta created a notion that life is sacred, special and important as opposed to a thing that can easily be manipulated. He further
opines that engaging in the Fiesta celebrations goes against the very traditions that support the concept that life is purposed to procreate and subdue.
3. Fiesta can be seen as a vital aspect of the life of a human being as it embraces the whole life of a human being while appreciating the diversified differences
that different human beings have. For this reason, Fiesta could be said to be embracing all manner of people irrespective of their differences.
4. Another way of looking at Fiesta is that elicits the fear of being sidelined or dejected by the people who are already in the process and who might look down at
the ones who are joining. This fear is created by the fear of changing into a new process and meeting different people with different beliefs and culture.
5. Some of the vital lessons from the book are the acquisition of the courage and ability to change into something new. The book describes Caramelo Rebozo as a very
pretty woman and who has attained the ability to decipher between the lies and truths that have been passed from one generation to another.
6. There is an approach practiced by Jean-Pierre who is persuaded that the Bible should be approached from two different angles. He looks at the Bible as the root
or foundation upon which theological philosophies and teachings should get their inspiration from. While at this he also does not ignore the findings and discoveries
that were achieved through the works of the brave men and women who delved into the world of exploration.
7. According to Miguel, the Lady of Guadalupe represents Jesus’ compassion to humankind. Miguel Sanchez applied his mind to a study of the Tepeyac’ Our Lady of
Guadalupe where he opined that in his deeper studies he came to the conclusion that Guadalupe, was a reflection of the teachings and practices only taught by Jesus.
8. Ruiz asserts that the words in the scriptures should have a purpose. They should not just be mere prophesies but rather their impact should clearly be understood
and applied appropriately in real life as to bring changes to the human race.
9. Espin espouses on the lacking power of Grace which is supposed to abound in the whole world and which is supposed to apply to all people. He says that the
understanding of grace among Christians is that its application should have no boundaries as between Jew, Romans and all other races of the world.
10. In the motion of culture, Espin describes it as the tendency of conveying the culture from generation to generation. He insists on the universal God’s
compassion on transforming the world.
11. Lo Commando brings the concept of the continued learning process of the teachings which result to the certain development of human behaviour. Espin asserts that
grace is something that can be and is attained through continued teachings of the precepts that appertain to Christianity.
12. There is a deception of Latina women which insinuates that they are very pretty, sly and seductive. They easily sway people especially men to believe that the
paganism way of life is stylish and attractive.
13. These Latina women are described as a danger to Christianity as they have the seductive ability to sway men from the belief of Christianity as the right way of
14. Espin seems to have the grasp of the concept that the tradition of Our Lady of Guadalupe is a symbol of the good deeds of faith, compassion, love and forgives
and which are only attained through grace. The very washing of the trespasses of human beings is a free act of the Grace.

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