Part 3 Final Submission

Part 3 Final Submission
As a team, review the PowerPoint requirements below and decide on the key points to present for each topic. When creating your PowerPoint, it is important that you do not copy/paste paragraphs of information into your slides (you may insert tables and concept maps you have already created, as appropriate). Instead, you should critically assess your research and final submissions to identify key points that are both informative and interesting for your intended audience. You may also use the “notes” section of PowerPoint to provide the audience with more detail, as needed.

Your PowerPoint must have a minimum of 15 slides and a maximum of 20 slides, not including references. It is up to your team to decide how many slides should be devoted to each topic.

Note: It is important to remember that though the PowerPoint must present the entire scope of your project, Part 3: Master Plan of Evaluation should be thoroughly presented.

This section is to be completed during Week 11.

Your PowerPoint must include the topics below in the following order:

• Introduction slide(s): Assigned region and selected setting
• External and internal frame factors
• Proposed program and applicable details
• Overarching theories and frameworks
• Curriculum design
• Plan of study
• Master Plan of Evaluation: table and rationale
• References

*Note that the above outline represent general topics for you to include. These are not meant to be titles for your slides. Your team should title slides as appropriate; however, you may use one or more topics above as a title if it aligns to the content presented on the slide.
Master Plan of Evaluation

When creating a Master Plan of Evaluation, there are many curriculum components you can focus on. For example, you might evaluate your program’s mission, vision, and philosophy, curriculum organization, individual courses, teaching effectiveness, institutional environment, frame factors, etc. Many educators use tables to assist them in creating a succinct evaluation plan. The table below is an adapted version of table 14.1 of the Keating course text. Use this table to represent your evaluation plan for Part 3’s PowerPoint submission. For your table, you will decide which curriculum components (a minimum of three) to include and fill out each column of the table.

Responsible Party When and How Often Evaluation Models Evaluation Strategies
Curriculum Component
Curriculum Component
Curriculum Component

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