Pathophysiology for Paramedic Student

The ability to communicate your knowledge in oral and written formats is a core academic skill set you should acquire whilst at University.

Learning Outcomes

Successful completion of this assignment should allow you to:

  • demonstrate an understanding of the pathophysiology, diagnosis and prehospital management of patients with respiratory-related conditions,
  • apply an integrated understanding of the anatomy and physiology of body systems to paramedic practice,
  • define and effectively convey clinically relevant information in an organised and logical fashion,
  • support your viewpoints with sound reference sources and where possible provide a balanced critical assessment of the evidence base used to inform accepted clinical practices,
  • broaden your understanding of the relationships between body systems and the development of pathology/pathophysiology


Assignment Requirements


A 1500 word, structured response answering the specific questions presented in the following case study.


  • Information provided in your answers must be referenced following academic conventions. A bibliography should be included at the end of your document conforming to Harvard (author/date) format. References and in text citations are not included in the word count.
  • Diagrams can be included to help support your answers – they are not included in the word count.
  • Use the answer template provided by pasting it into a new document



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