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PC Workshop Home Assignment

300150 PC Workshop Home Assignment

The assignment consists of three tasks worth 5, 3 and 2 points respectively for a maximum total of 10. This contributes to 10% of the final grade for the unit. You are expected to complete these tasks at home. There will be no time allocated to completing this assignment during the practical classes.
There are many possible solutions and there is no single correct set of answers. Higher marks will be given for imaginative solutions presented in a neat, clear and logical way.
The length of the assignment is expected to be approximately 10 pages. Some technical details need to be mentioned when appropriate, but please do not include detailed technical specifications of parts or software, and do not include large photographs.
Use must use your own words. If you decide to use quotes from any external sources, keep them short and reference the source. Any form of plagiarism (including copying from websites, magazines or any other sources) will result in a 0 mark and possible further consequences. Do not directly copy any answers from your previous laboratory work. This is an individual assignment – working in groups is not permitted. Please see the Western Sydney University “Student Academic Misconduct Policy” for more details.
The assignment must be submitted via vUWS by the due date. Late submissions will incur a 10% penalty (i.e. 2 marks) per day they are overdue. Submissions will be processed by Turnitin and compared to other submissions and sources for plagiarism. Any file format accepted by Turnitin is permitted.

Total Grade
Weighted as 10% of the final grade.

Due Date
Friday 28th April 2017, 17:00 pm

Online via vUWS. See assignment description for more details.

Task 1: PC Components (5 points)
You have been asked for advice on how to upgrade a personal computer. Your client is a university student who also likes to play computer games. They would like to have the best possible computer (hardware and operating system) that will cater for their hobbies and studies. Your client already has a computer (see below for configuration) that runs Windows 7 but it is not very powerful, so they have decided to spend $1,750 to upgrade it. They would like to have a good gaming PC that also provides reliable storage for their university work, and offers good protection against losing data in case of hard disk failure. The client has also mentioned that they are running out of storage space.
Your task is to analyse which parts can be replaced or added to build the best balanced machine within the allocated budget. Find suppliers for all parts, and if ordering from the Internet include estimated shipping costs. Describe and justify your decisions in detail, e.g. which components you selected and why, what compromises you made, what alternatives there are (if any), whether your suggestions allow for future expansion, etc. You must specify the manufacturer and specific part model for all selected components; generic part descriptions are insufficient.

Current PC Configuration
• Motherboard: Asus M4A79 Deluxe
• CPU: Sempron LE-1100 CPU with standard AMD cooling fan.
• Memory: 2 x 512MB DIMM memory modules, total 1GB
• Case: Antec Nine Hundred Two 900II 902 V3 Gaming Case
• Power Supply: Generic 300 Watt ATX/P4 Power Supply
• Video card: GigaByte ATI X1050 Graphics Accelerator
• Storage devices: Seagate 500GB SATA hard disk and Liteon iHDP118 CD-ROM/DVD-ROM
• Speakers: small, unknown brand (generic)
• Monitor: AOC E2070SWN 19.5″ LED 1600×900 resolution
• Keyboard and mouse: generic models, brand unknown
• Operating system: Windows 7

Task 2: Operating Systems (3 points)
Your client from Task 1 now decides to learn the Linux operating system. Your task is to recommend how to add it to their PC. She wants to install one of the modern Linux distributions, e.g. Ubuntu, Fedora or openSUSE. Windows will remain as the main operating system used for work and gaming while Linux will be used mainly for educational purposes and various experiments. In this task you are not allowed to add any hardware components.
Describe what options you see including their advantages and disadvantages, what your recommendation is, and how you would prepare the system and install Linux. You must also include a description of the final hard drive partition layout that includes the partition types, sizes, file systems, and purpose. You may include an illustration if it helps to explain your recommendation.

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