Period Description – Paleozoic Life II

Period Description – Paleozoic Life II

Please look at the paper that i upload it here.

• Pick a Period in the Mesozoic that you thought was interesting and then pick one of the following options and write a small paragraph:

1. Describe the typical environmental and types of animals you would expect to see in a particular type of environment. Draw by hand a small scene that you imagine for this time period, scan it in with your phone and upload the picture with the description. (This could be fun)

2. Describe some of the rock units that can be visited that were laid down during that period and include the location of the current units and what fossils you might find. Where are some of the greatest exposures located. If you can include a pic that would be great.

3. Pick a vertebrate animal or plant from the Period you chose and write about what is known about this organism including where fossils can be found currently. Include a picture.

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