Personal Legend

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Assignment: Setting aside the metaphysical aspect of Santiago?s Personal Legend, write your own Personal Legend of your journey to accomplish the goals and objectives that you set up for your self very early in life. Tell about your trials and tribulations, the lessons you have learned, the worlds you have passed through, the knowledge you have acquired about life and others, and what you expect at end of a long, long sojourn. Make mention of your continuous rebirth (transformations) across time.

Given that you only have very little space?2-type written, doubled space pages, every word must count?i.e., leave out the therefores, titles of readings, and any other buffer words.

Use the vocabulary of the course?i.e., key ideas in the readings that have been discussed in lecture and/or section ?structure, social worlds, 3rd space, meshwork, etc. no less than 4-5 such words ).

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