Personal Response and Male Contraception Research Essay

Personal Response and Male Contraception Research Essay

This activity requires you to submit 1 document with 2 distinct parts. Please see the instructions for parts A and B, below.
Part A: Personal response and reaction to the abortion discussion forum

Write 2 – 3 paragraphs summarizing your own (no longer speaking from your assigned perspective) thoughts on the topic and the forum. Discuss the impact of the

Part B: Information-Focused Assignment: Male Contraception

(5 points)

Research information on a male form of contraception in the news. You can use medical journals or news sources. Your focus should be on methods in development rather

than existing methods. Find at least two (2) sources to answer the following questions in essay format (about 1 1/2 pages). In your essay, be sure to respond to each

of the following questions and make it clear in your essay where you are responding to each question:

Are there obstacles that still exist in the research?
How is this method of contraception similar/different to current forms available?
How will this research advance birth control options for couples?
How popular do you think this method would be as birth control?
Do you think this would change gender roles regarding responsibility for birth control?
Do you think that unintended pregnancies would increase or decrease as a result of this being on the market?
If you were in a heterosexual relationship with someone and were trying to prevent pregnancy, would you consider such an option as this one?
Remember to cite your sources.

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