Persuasive Outline Speech

I am looking to have a persuasive outline speech written. The persuasive outline speech will convince my audience and influence their beliefs, attitude or behavior about, “Why the city of Verona (in Italy) is the best city in Italy to spend their vacation instead of Rome or other cities in Italy.

The persuasive outline speech structure (indentation, sub body etc) MUST look like the sample persuasive outline here attached. This is very IMPORTANT please. What I mean with that is that the persuasive outline speech about “Verona” it need to follow the indentations, bullet point, letters and numbers as in the sample here attached. I would like to stress that structure of the outline been like the sample is very important as well as the content.
The persuasive outline speech needs to contain as shown in the outline speech sample the following:
An introduction (with the attention to orienting materials, and central ideas) like in the sample attached

body (with sub point and transition) like in the sample attached

conclusion (a summary and a clincher) like in the sample attached

The persuasive speech outline needs to follow the Monroe’s motivated sequence, namely “Attention, Need, Satisfaction, Visualization, and Action.”

The APA persuasive outline should be written in a APA format with the a reference page as well as a separate page containing a bibliography with 5 credible sources related to the persuasive speech outline (the source could be the same as the reference).

3 pages (circa) dedicated to outline persuasive speech and 2 pages for the bibliography of 5 credible sources.

FYI: The sample persuasive outline here attached use an example of a speech that is completely unreal.The structure is what is important.

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