PH-04 Discussions( two page) and two responses

PH-04 Discussions( two page) and two responses

In Chapter 4 of Essentials of Planning and Evaluation for Public Health and in the other assigned readings, there are various theoretical frameworks that serve as foundations for the planning and/or evaluation of public health programs. After completing the assigned readings, address the following:

Is there one theory or model you prefer to use over others for understanding health behavior and as a foundation to propose potential solutions for any gaps in the existing program? Indicate your selection and explain why you chose that particular model or theory.


Reading and ResourcesRequired Resources
TextbookEssentials of Planning and Evaluation for Public Health, Chapter 4
This chapter presents a variety of theories and models that can be used for planning and evaluating public health programs. As you learn about these theories and models, ask yourself: What are the major differences between the community theories, behavior change theories, and the strategic planning models? Which of the theories and/or models will serve as a good reference for filling gaps in the existing program I have selected?

Website: CDC Assessment & Planning Models, Frameworks & Tools
This article provides eight steps or “common elements” associated with assessment and planning frameworks and lists frequently used models, and much more. The article also lists the differences among assessment and planning frameworks. Reference this article to find out what other helpful tools are available.

Additional Support (Optional)
Article: Community Tool Box: Mobilizing for Action Through Planning and Partnerships (MAPP)
The Mobilizing for Action Through Planning and Partnerships (MAPP) model is a useful tool for identifying and understanding a community’s health, needs, and assets. As you read this article, search for answers to the following: Why might I employ the MAPP process? How do I conduct the MAPP process?

Article: Community Tool Box: The Institute of Medicine’s Community Health Improvement Process (CHIP)
CHIP is a process framework for building community health. As you read this article, ask yourself: Should I use CHIP? Who should be part of it and how do I implement it?

Article: Community Tool Box: PRECEDE/PROCEED
The PRECEDE/PROCEED model focuses on the process that leads up to an intervention (hence the term precede) and on the process of proceeding with the intervention itself. As you read this article, search for information that will help you find answers to the following questions: What do the acronyms PRECEDE and PROCEED stand for? Why should I use PRECEDE/PROCEED?

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