PHL/320 Wk5 Field: Business Finance – Operations Management

This assignment is designed to identify how decisions impact a business. Corporations have an obligation to be ethical at all times. For this assignment; the student will identify potential ethical implications surrounding the decision, and how this may impact the decision-making process. From there, corporate social responsibility will be explained and how it can impact the outcome of decision-making for an organization.

Assignment Steps

Identify a business in your local community(JC Penny). This can be your current place of employment or a business with which you are familiar. (JC

Develop a Power Point Presentation examining  the ethics and social responsibility practices within the organization.

Include the following in your examination:

  • Slide1: Evaluate the influence that corporate social responsibility has on the organization.
  • 2: Discuss the application of critical thinking to corporate social responsibility.

Format the assignment consistent with UOP Power Point guidelines.

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