Physiological Psychology

This is for my Physiological Psychology class.
Please answer each question with a minimum of 150 words each.
The chapter is 4 in the following book.
Biological PsychologyAuthor:Kalat, James W.Edition: 12TH 13 ISBN 13: 978-13-05- 105-409 Publisher: Cengage

nriched Environments
The human brain is able to increase synaptic connections in response to early environmental stimulation. Discuss how this knowledge could be used to improve our educational system and improve academic performance.

2. Brain Damage
Damage to the brain will always have lasting effects, but the timing of the damage is important. At what times of life is brain damage more or less likely to have significant long-term effects?

3.Brain Plasticity and Learning Impairment
The idea of plasticity is that the brain is always capable of changing in response to the environment and stimulation received. One idea about the cause of dyslexia, a reading disorder, is that individuals have difficulty learning to read because their brain does not correctly process rapidly changing information.
One therapeutic approach has been to attempt to retrain the brain so that it gets better at processing rapidly changing auditory and visual information. Assuming that the idea about the cause of dyslexia is correct, does this therapy sound like a reasonable approach?

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