The pioneers of the current education system in the majority of the countries envisioned to have a future made of people with high values, honesty, and dignity. These features are not innate, but rather they are engraved into people by the system. The best way to confirm that the learners successfully adopt them is by ensuring they produce their work in an honest way otherwise known as plagiarized free work. Customwritersonline was founded on these values and our writers strive to ensure they give our clients work that is non-plagiarized.

Plagiarism refers to the use of a production that is already created devoid of crediting the source which others call literary theft. Every learner poses a responsibility to avoid plagiarism since it is against fair evaluation, which assumes everyone is on a level playing field. The originators of literary works deserve acknowledgment, as none of them would be happy when someone else just uplifts their hard work and take credit for it. One is expected to demonstrate creativity and honesty considering by virtue of one being a student you automatically enter into an intellectual work collaboration.

Our company policy emphasizes on the disadvantages of plagiarism for purposes of creating awareness and making it clear that we do not condone such acts. We understand that our clients prefer fairness and honesty in the grading of their work by their tutors. Our writers are tasked to ensure that they write original content for all our clients

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