police brutality

i need hep with a 7 page paper about police brutality
This Research Paper will:
Confront a specific topic of your choosing
Examples may include but are not limited to: school choice, housing discrimination, prisons for profit, Black Lives Matter, law enforcement and racialized violence,
the recent immigration ban.
You will examine this topic through the len(s) of civil rights, social justice, and/or social equity
You will take a definitive stance regarding said issue and present a thesis (or claim)
Claims may take the form of:
Claim of fact: does something exist?
Claim of value: Is something good or bad?
Claim of Policy: A problem exists – what should be done?
You will support that claim with research-backed evidence and argument

7-9 pages, typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 pt. font.
MLA format for citations and work cited page
Please refer to DeRosa’s ERRORS guide (Blackboard resources folder) for formatting help and links to MS Word tutorials
Exceptions: Please single-space work cited entries as per the samples posted on Blackboard (also in the resources folder – under Course Documents)

A minimum of four (4) scholarly – peer-reviewed – sources: (These sources should be gathered through the CPP Library)
You will also be allowed two (2) newspaper sources from reliable publications (i.e. N.Y. or L.A. Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal)
Web pages: (2) such as the following:
Government sponsored web pages (https://www.usa.gov/)
[Please, no commercial dot com’s, and be wary of “.org’s” also]
Web pages sponsored by academic institutions (ex. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, http://plato.stanford.edu/) are acceptable.
No blogs please

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