policy paper

policy paper

Proposed : to permit the use/prescription of marijuana for “certain illnesses” in addition to the use for terminally ill.

(1) Title page (including Group#, member names and student ID’#s);

(2) Introduction (discussing the global, national, state and local implications of the proposed policy then explaining how and why the group selected to focus on this
particular policy and narrowing down to set forth the Group’s proposed change in brief);

(3) Methods (what sources were used to secure the information used in the paper (i.e., Pub Med, Medline, etc., – do not use Google or internet sites anywhere in the
body of the paper. Authoritative sources are defined as books, peer reviewed journals, education and government sites as well as non-partisan national or international
organizations (such as WHO, UNICEF, UNAIDS etc) – Groups should not assign this section to a student since it at most 3-5 sentences long);

(4) Results (this is where you state your findings – the details, the specific language of your “existing law” and proposed change, as well as, operationalization of
the proposed policy/definition of terms (i.e., meaning – what it will take to get your proposed change into law such as financing, support from concerned groups etc);

(5) Discussion (this is where you explain using scientific literature other similar policies and/or if this policy exists elsewhere, as well as, identifying and
addressing the expected concerns of suspected opposing interest groups;

(6) Conclusions & Recommendations (this is where you can explain how the policy accomplishes the group’s ideals/intent of the policy).

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