Political Science

Annotated Bibliography

You must find 30 resources that are related to my topic and my question and summarize these resources. Should these sentences include Focus of study, Finding/key outcomes, Method if appropriate, and Relationship to paper. What are employed and involved in these articles? Sentences should be complex and contain enough information for me to understand what the article/source is about without you being present to explain it to me. Every summary should be 5 to 8 sentences. These resources should be just 10 years ago.

Must be APA style 6th ed, proofread your annotated bibliography for clarity and organization. Review spelling, structure, and organization of entries. Check punctuation and capitalization. Be mindful of APA. Insert a double space between citation entry and summary and end of summary and next citation entry. The remainder of the document should be single spaced.

– The first page should be your topic and question, the second page should be the direction of your research, the third page start your Annotated Bibliography.

– Keep in mind that Annotated Bibliography is different from Literature Review.

– Don’t mention the organization.

– All resources should be form university library link

_ The Role of Public Relations in the Cruise Ship Industry.

RQ1. What is the most effective form of PR practice that organization could use to manage a crisis

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