In this discussion forum I want you to talk about civil rights. You are required to make (2) posts. In the first I want you to discuss the documentary:
A Class Apart; Find the link below (make sure you do not have adblocker on to watch). If the video fails you can still answer the question here. Please describe the

early history of the U.S relationship with Mexico. Why were Mexican-Americans treated differently than Anglos in the U.S.? Was this kind of discrimination similar or

different than the unequal treatment faced by African Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans or other minority groups? Read the existing posts and try to add

something to the forum not already stated by your classmates. Second, do you think we are all treated equally in the United States today? Have you ever faced

discrimination personally for reasons of race, sex, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or feel you have faced reverse discrimination-discrimination against a

majority group in favor of a disadvantaged group? Please make a post on whether or not you feel the country is or is not color blind and respond to at least (2) of

your peers in a substantive manner (Minimum post of 500 words in total). Your post must include at least two outside sources and provide full and proper citation of

these sources. You must respond to your classmates in a substantive manner. A substantive response engages their post, the material in the forum, and is at least 100

words in length. Posts, such as “I agree with you” or “good idea” are not acceptable.

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