Topic: Polyamory
Order Description
Include your sources and complete documentation: introductory signals,
parenthetical citations, and a Works Cited page.

1. Paper Layout: Follow Ground Rule #5 in the syllabus, which described MLA
requirements for college papers.
2. Length:
a. Minimum 5 full pages; if you haven’t reach the bottom of page 5, the paper is not
long enough.

Writing: Your essay should follow the standard essay structure. It should have an
effective introduction that ends with a thesis statement. The thesis must make one point
about the topic of your paper. Body paragraphs should be focused on supporting the
thesis. Support should include your own ideas and ideas you found (and documented) as
you researched. Avoid unity errors by eliminating any peripheral material about your subject that does not support your thesis statement. The concluding paragraph may be
short, but should bring the essay to a logical close.

4. Point of View: Research/term papers should always be written in an objective point of
view. If you avoid using first (I/me/my/we/us/our, etc.) and second (you/your, etc.)
personal pronouns, you will be writing objectively. Do not insert yourself into the paper.
5. Sources:
a. Minimum of 7 distinct sources
b. Only two websites may be used as sources; choose wisely. Do not use sources
like ask.com, how.com, about.com, wikis of any kind, etc. If you’re not sure, print
out the page and talk to me about it. You will lose credit if more than two
websites are used. See the fatal flaws at the end of this document.
c. No encyclopedias of any kind are allowed, including Wikipedia.

6. Documentation: MLA documentation is required.
a. Appropriate introductory signals for all quotations, paraphrases, and summaries
b. Accurate and effective MLA parenthetical citations for all source material.
c. Interpretation for all source material
d. An MLA Works Cited list that includes all the sources you actually used in your

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