Portfolio 2. Concentration outcomes.

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General Business
General Accounting
Global Business
Managing Human Resources
Management of Information Systems
Operations Management
Risk Management and Insurance
IMPORTANT: Any learning statement included in M8A1 Integrated Business Portfolio: Part I ? Program Outcomes may not be used as a learning statement in M8A2 Integrated Business Portfolio: Part II ? Concentration Outcomes.

Your Integrated Business Portfolio: Part II ? Concentration Outcomes should be compiled using the following structure and sections:

Cover Sheet: This should have your name, course title, assignment title, and date.
Table of Contents Page: This should include section titles and corresponding pages in the document.
Reflection Section: This section consists of reflective statements addressing each of the three (3) concentration outcomes from your enrolled concentration in the business degree program. Each reflective statement should be one page in length. Each statement should describe how course tasks and assignments have helped you achieve the relevant outcome?s expectations for learning. Where applicable, you should refer to and attach in the Appendix any course work which serves as evidence to your learning.
Reference page (if applicable)

Appendix: In this section, you will include assignments relative to each concentration outcome offered as evidence of learning.

Choose finance. Concentration classes are fundamentals of investment. Advanced financial Management, And Financial markets and institutions.

Address the stock market, mutual funds, hedge funds. In advanced financial management address ratios, return on investment and return on equity, In addition to analyzing financial statements in depth.

In financial markets and institutions, address how you understood the inner workings of banks, financial products, and how banks are primarily in debt.

The concentration out comes should be three pages. Instead of referencing add the case studies/ paragraph passages assignments that help comprehend the most valuable lessons of the concentration outcomes.

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