Poverty and Hunger

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Component 2: Health Indicators
What are health indicators and how do they relate to global health issues? How might health indicators vary on a
global scale and what challenges might public health professionals need to address in order to promote positive
health indicators?
Health indicators represent characteristics of individuals, populations, or environments that are either measured
directly or indirectly. Health indicators may relate directly to health phenomena, such as disease incidence,
mortality rates, or number of health services utilized in a community. As direct measures, these health indicators
can help inform public health professionals to employ strategies for the promotion of health and well?being. Health
indicators may also relate indirectly to health. That is certain factors, such as access to education, poverty rates,
or government infrastructure, may influence health outcomes. As indirect measures, these health indicators may
provide public health professionals with substantial data to target macro?level changes for public health practice.
Health indicators are useful in describing the health of individuals or populations for various countries. In addition,
they are used to define public health problems at a particular point in time.
For this Final Project Assignment, reflect on the global health issue (The public health issue I would like to
examine and focus on is poverty and hunger). The country you selected for your Final Project. Also, consider the
health system of this country. Research the health indicators that make up the profile for this country.
Note: In grading every required Final Project, your Instructor uses a Final Project Rubric. Review the rubric prior to
completing your Assignment.
Document: Final Project Component 2 Rubric (Word document)
All rubrics can also be found in the Course Information area in the course navigation menu.
The Assignment (4 pages):
?Present a profile of the country you selected. Be sure to include the health indicators, as well as the source of the
statistical data you researched.
?Describe the relationship between the global health issue you selected and the health indicators observed.
?Describe the health system of this country.
?Explain how access, resources, and infrastructure of health systems for this country may contribute to the
incidence of the health issue you selected, and why.
Final Project Stage II: Outline for Public Health Policy Analysis Paper
In Week 2, you selected a public health issue to research in order to complete a 12? to 15?page analysis for your
Final Project. This week, you provide additional detail about the issue. According to the textbook, the five essential
components of a policy analysis are:
A clearly articulated problem statement
A background section that provides a factual overview of the problem being analyzed
A landscape section that provides the context of the problem in terms of key stakeholders and factors
An options section that provides three to five viable choices to resolve the problem
A well?supported recommendation section that develops one of the options identified, describes future
modifications that might be necessary, and explains spotential implications of social change due to your
recommendation (Teitelbaum & Wilensky, 2017, pp. 279?288)

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