1. Before you read the chapter, turn to the very last page of the chapter. There you will find assignments for this chapter. Each chapter includes three assignments or questions to answer. You will choose one question to answer and submit as your practical application assignment (PAA). Read these assignments carefully before you read the chapter as you will need to keep these assignments in mind as you read the chapter, and they will help you focus on the most important information in the chapter.

2. Next, read the chapter. Start with the introduction from the editor. This will help you understand the research you will read. Once you feel you have a good understanding of the editor’s introduction, go on and read the research article included in the chapter.

3. After reading the entire chapter, return to the assignment and complete one out of the three options at the end of the chapter. Be sure you understand exactly what the option is asking you to do, then go back and re-read the parts of your textbook that are relevant to that particular option.

4. Your response should be equal to at least one page. At the top of your assignment, identify which option you chose by briefly describing (in one to two sentences) the prompt in your own words. DO NOT copy from your book – paraphrase it instead. DO NOT cut and paste any text from other sources (Wikipedia, PowerPoints, textbooks, etc.).

5. Remember that the purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate that you have read the information, can demonstrate your understanding of the content, and that you can also apply it to a novel situation as suggested within the PAA prompt. Use the provided grading rubric to help guide your writing of this assignment.

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