Prepare a research paper about gut flora

Prepare a Research Paper about gut flora.
The paper should include 2000 words. Please use the outline below. No references. Please include a cover page.


A. What is Gut Flora

1. Elie Metchnikoff

B. Normal flora benefits

1. Digestion
2. Absorption
3. Excretion


A. Gut Flora vs. Pathogens

1. Bacteriocins
2. Colicins

B. Antibiotic Effect on Gut Flora

1. Increase Antibiotic Resistance

a. Broad spectrum Antibiotics

2. Diseases/Signs and Symptoms

a. Diarrhea
b. Colitis
c. Colon Inflammation

C. Poor Levels of Gut Flora Effects on the Digestion System

D. How to improve levels of Gut Flora

1. Food Consumption
2. Supplements

III. Conclusion

A. Is there a perfect balance of Normal Flora

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