Probabilities of various caseloads

The director of social services of a county has learned that the state has mandated additional infor- mation requirements. This will place an additional burden on the agency. The director has identi- fied three acceptable alternatives to handle the increased workload. One alternative is to reassign present staff members, the second is to hire and train two new workers, and the third is to redesign current practice so that workers can readily collect the information with little additional effort. An unknown factor is the caseload for the coming year when the new data will be collected on a trial basis. The estimated costs for various options and caseloads are shown in the following table:

Reassign staff
New staff
Redesign collection *Cost in $ thousands.
CASELOAD Moderate High
$50* 60 60 60 40 50
Very High
85 60 90
Assuming that past experience has shown the probabilities of various caseloads to be unreliable, what decision would be appropriate using each of the following criteria?


Minimax regret.


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