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Assignment 2: Problem Solving and Information
An effective solution is based on comprehensive information pertinent to the problem. In analyzing information, it is as necessary to gather needed information as it is to weed out irrelevant information.

For the Fantasy Quest situation in the case study, review your own and your peers? problem statements. Select one statement and do the following:

Quote the problem statement you selected and explain why you selected it.
Using your selected problem statement, identify the available information and additional information needed to solve the problem. Explain how the information will help find a solution to the problem.
Comment on how the choice of problem statement influences problem solving.
Write a 1 page paper in Word format. Apply APA standards to citation of sources. Bbibliography and references, from here please:
OWL Problem Statements 20120629105941_957.pptBy
You can paste and find it in google
And if you need more I add to chapters from the textbook so you can find the rest of the information and references also from there.
The name of the book is: Isaksen, G., S., Dorval, Brian, K., Treffinger, J., D. (01/2010) Approaches to problem solving: A framework for innovation and change (3rd ed.),

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