Process plan for program design and evaluation

Process Plan for Program Design and Evaluation
write a comprehensive plan for program design and evaluation using participatory research processes.

• We Care Shelter provides shelter and various services to help homeless parents with children. Many of the children have exhibited extreme behavior problems, including hitting, biting and destruction of property. The shelter understands that the children are likely to be upset by the homeless situation, but is seeking hope in ensuring the safety of others in the shelter.

Separate your plan into sections related to each step of the program design and evaluation process. For each step explain its purpose and identify tools that you recommend be used to accomplish that step.

You may choose to write paper should of approximately 8-10 pages

Make sure to use proper APA format to credit the sources you use in your analysis. For additional information, refer to the APA Quick Reference on the Course Home Page or to the Kaplan Writing Center. You must credit authors when you:

1. Summarize a concept, theory or research

2. Use direct quotes from the text or articles

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