Professional Writing Sample Assignment

You have been selected to have your work published in a professional journal. Congratulations!!  Select one of the following assignments previously completed in your program:
Healthcare Access Final assignment from your Healthcare Law and Compliance course (Paper is attached).

You will be editing this paper to meet the following guidelines. This edited final version will be the writing sample you include in your portfolio.

Editing Guidelines:


  1. Final version must be a minimum of 2000 words
  2. You must have at least 5 sources; 3 of which must be peer-reviewed.
  3. You must include an appropriate graphic: chart, picture, table, etc.
  4. You must have appropriate APA formatting throughout, including, but not limited to: in-text citations, a cover page, one inch margins, double-spaced, and a reference list with a hanging indent.
  5. An appropriate paragraph has a minimum of 5 sentences.


Part 2

Now that you have selected a paper to revise, you first need to evaluate the sources used in that paper. The revision must include 3 peer-reviewed, relevant articles on your topic. You will need 5 articles/sources for this assignment. Start with the ones you had already included in the paper. If you do not have five, you will need to find more.


  1. Using these sources, create an annotated bibliography.
  2. Analyze the reliability and validity of the information including:
  • A short summary of the articles
  • Evaluation of the author’s background or authority
  • Evaluation of intended audience
  • Comparison of this work with other sources you have selected
  • Explanation of how this source supports or opposes your topic
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