Progress Evaluation

Find an article or story on one of the major news websites (USA Today, CNN, Fox News, NBC,
??????CBS, ABC, or any major newspaper) that addresses a research study on a topic in human
development. (100 points total)
Make sure your chosen article or story relates to human development before you answer the questions
Answer each of the questions separately by providing a few sentences or a paragraph to respond to the
question. Use complete sentences and APA style in your response. Please write your answers below the
1. What makes this article relevant to human development?
2. Which aspect(s) of development does this article address? (Based on what you?ve read in the
3. Which age group was studied?
4. Who conducted the study and which discipline (e.g., human development and family studies,
psychology, or sociology) are they from?
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5. In your opinion, what was the most important finding or result from the study? Why was this the most
6. Does the article address any of the key recurring issues in human development (nature vs. nurture,
continuous vs. discontinuous, universal vs. context specific)? If so, how were they addressed and what did
the authors conclude?
7. How were the four forces in human development?biological, psychological, sociocultural, and lifecycle?addressed
in the article? Whenever possible, connect these four forces to points made in the

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