project business information technology “mobile parking app”

As agreed this morning in a discussion with the course coordinator and myself, in order to address the issues with your current research design and draft report, you will complete the following actions:

  1. Reduce the research question scope and reword the question.
  2. Redesign the methodology to describe the process to be followed to answer the research question.
  3. Show all literature that relates to the new question. Provide full PDF references for all references relating to the new question.
  4. Define what will be produced as a result of this research.
  5. Note: This is not specifically for the Melbourne City Council. The Melbourne City Council is an example of a context.
  6. Look at information or available data specific to research question. e.g. traffic peaks and time.
  7. Derive measures or a framework from the literature and apply it to the apps.

Provide a redefined research question by the end of the session today

*After the meeting I redefined research question *

And I received this

Three small changes:

How can current mobile parking applications be improved with the objective of increasing their effectiveness in reducing time wastage while in traffic.

Consider removing ‘while in traffic’, and clarifying that in your scope section.







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