Project Four: The Researched Argument

ASSIGNMENT DESCRIPTION:This assignment requires students to practice your rhetorical knowledge and develop an extended researched argument using
multimodal composition strategies. Write an argumentative essay on a topic that really matters to you. Remember you are writing
an argument to a general and diverse audience, so in order to be persuasive and effective it is necessary to support your claims
with evidence from a variety of sources. Remember to incorporate possible objections to your argument (i.e., rebuttals to those
objections) with a goal of helping to mediate opposing sides of an issue (rather than offer mere opinions). The goal is not to
achieve consensus, but to put forth a well-reasoned and well-supported argument that helps your audience move toward
understanding, rather than conflict. Your essay should be at least 2000 words and have a Works Cited of at least 10 sources
(formatted using MLA guidelines).

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