Project Management IV

Final project report table of contents


  1. Project Objectives
  2. Summary of Project Results
  3. Original and Actual Start and End Dates
  4. Original and Actual Budget
  5. Project Assessment (Why did you do this project? What did you produce? Was the project a success? What went right and wrong on the project?)
  6. Transition Plan
  7. Annual Project Benefits Measurement Approach




A Project Management Documentation

  • Business case
  • Project charter
  • Team contract
  • Scope statement
  • WBS and WBS dictionary
  • Baseline and actual Gantt chart
  • List of prioritized risks
  • Milestone reports
  • Progress reports
  • Contract files
  • Lessons-learned reports
  • Final presentation
  • Client acceptance form

B Product-Related Documentation

  • Survey and results
  • Summary of user inputs
  • Intranet site content
  • Intranet site design documents
  • Test plans and reports
  • Intranet site promotion information
  • Intranet site roll-out information
  • Project benefits measurement information


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