Project Performance 2.2

Project Performance 2.2


For this assignment, you will specify what the quality dimension is specific to the projects overall deliverable and the overall criteria that you will use to measure

each of the quality dimensions that you researched in the Discussion Board. Your next task is to fill in the project relevant pieces of information in Columns 2 and 3

for each quality dimensions.

For the compilation of your quality dimension criteria, you may use a matrix similar to the following table:


The overall project deliverables are the following:

Update the Key Assignment Document title page with new date and document name.
Update the previously completed sections based on the instructor’s feedback.
Create Quality Dimensions and Criteria section, and add it to the Quality Management Integration Plan shell.
Construct a matrix similar to the example.
Fill in Column 2 with refined information that you first explored in this week’s Discussion Board.
Fill in Column 3 with how you will measure or determine how each of the dimensions has been satisfied.
Column 4 is a placeholder for when the quality assurance tasks are performed.

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