Proposals for advertising

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After working for a major advertising agency for several years, you are now in the position to open up your own agency. After choosing location, personnel, etc., you are ready to solicit new business for your agency. Pick one public company(must be a public company) you feel offers a lot of potential as a prospective client for your firm (in terms of advertising revenues, growth, future campaigns, etc.)
A. Research Industry Information:
a. Size of market
b. Major competitors and what their product mix is
c. Who are the target markets for the industry?
B. Research Your Company:
a. Sales
b. Your product mix
c. Your target market
d. Differential advantage
e. Opportunities/risks faced by the company
f. What type of campaigns has this company used in the past?
C. Proposals for advertising campaign for 2016 -2017
a. Objectives (marketing as well as advertising)
b. Advertising Plan
1. Pick a theme
2. Media budget (based on an estimate of media costs using this year?s figures)
3. Breakdown by media (dollars and time)
4. Develop four different ads ? where they will run, when they will run, how often they will run, will these ads run nationally or internationally?
5. Evaluation of campaign
6. Please note that 3 of your ads must be in traditional media !
Part C is creative. You can be outrageous or conservative, but you can have fun with it.
The paper should have a title page, section headings, and reference(s) pages(s).
Note: This paper must have three sections. The research done on current industry information must be footnoted. The paper is to be 10 pages long and must be typewritten.

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