Prototype 7: Marketing Management Magazine that Visually Harpoons the Mind

P7 – Prototype 7: Marketing Management Magazine that Visually Harpoons the Mind

This is a magazine. The key is “visual attractiveness and thoroughness”. The main thing is luring the reader into the topic at hand. Your magazine should have the following 5 topic areas plus a) advertisements (at least one you create), b) cartoon(s), and c) boxes of current market facts or achievements. You can include anything additional you want. The point is that this should be saleable as if it was on the magazine shelf at Walgreens. You should create a name for your Magazine and Marketing 188 is unacceptable. This can easily be your best tool in supporting your interviews and also to get the attention of an employer.

Pick 3 topics to write a short article about (it use to be 6). Choose your own topics or pick from the following:

1. Tom Kelly’s book – The Art of Innovation:
10 techniques that you as a marketing manager could use in the future to create new programs/products/services.
2. The 10 Strategic Asian Market Planning Activities and Procedures that should be performed in order to develop a world
a) Market presence,
b) USP (unique selling proposition)
c) Long term customer patronage

3. The 10 Detailed Strategic Steps in developing effective commercial social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.). This should show and explain how to generate effective customer “touch” & involvement through electronic media.
4. The Top 10 Technology Guidelines to be a Great Marketing Manager. This should cover the “how to” of being an effective manager.
5. The Top 5 Consumer Goods Guidelines to effective branding, brand development and brand management.
6. 5 Training techniques that every Marketer should know in order to be more effective at teaching and training others in new skills
7. Detailed Description of the Top 5 Websites that every marketing professional should visit on a regular basis

8. Visual explanation of the Top 5 Keys to better sales presentations
9. Detailed explanation of the Top 5 steps in collecting informal marketing research data.

Create 2 full page ads and 2 half page ads

Here is a sample of the work, it should look like this and you can use the same website

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