Psychology DB4

Psychology DB4

Discussion Board Forum Instructions

You are required to create a thread in response to the provided prompt for each forum. Must be at least 250 words, be in current APA format, and cite the course text.

Topic: There’s an App for That!

Your job for this discussion board is to choose a developmental period and design an app that would apply to them. It could be a game, a self-help app, a parenting
resource app, etc. The possibilities are endless. For your thread:

Describe your app. What is the purpose? How does it work?
Identify the target audience for your app (i.e., who you would want to buy and download it).
Discuss key developmental markers or characteristics for that age group (include textbook citations).
Pretend you are trying to get a group of developmental psychologists to invest in the production of your app.
Discuss why your app is developmentally appropriate and be sure to “sell it.”

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