psychology discussion

The nature of children, prejudice, and racial identification. The video, “A Girl Like Me,” by Kiri Davis, is in part a replication of the doll studies originally conducted by Clark & Clark (1954). For this discussion question, watch the video, and think about what you see. (There are three separate web links listed on the “Websites of Interest” page on Canvas Pages. The first part is the video “A Girl Like Me”; the second part is an NPR news report about the video along with an editorial; the third part is a video from the CNN series, “Kids on Race,” depicting an updated version of the Doll Test.) What do you make of Ms. Davis’ replication and the study by CNN? Based on Ms. Davis’ study and the interviews she conducts, is there reason to believe that minority group members suffer from low self-esteem? If so, why? If not, why not? Feel free to comment on the video, the NPR news report and editorial, or anything else related to the video. .

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