Psychology of Religion – Terrorism

Psychology of Religion – Terrorism
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I attached the Assignment document outlining the requirements as well as academic journal articles that I would like to use

** For your class paper, please follow a formal paper writing style.
If you need a review, you may be able to search online for:
“Sample Paper – The American Psychological Association Publication Guide.”

That book can be purchased, however -that is not necessary for the short paper we have.

Be sure to include a separate:
Cover Page, and
References Page

The cover page should contain the following general information:

Psychology of Religion

Your Name

Title of Paper

Date Paper Submitted

Professor’s Name

Omitting these details (cover page/reference page) will lower your paper grade, irrespective of the quality of the content of your submission.

An additional requirment:

Within the body of your paper, do include section headings/subheadings.
This you can see in any sample paper you review; or professional journal article.
Otherwise your paper reads like one continuous thought.

Also be mindful of how to:
– Quote sources correctly
– How to include “in-body-of-paper” citations.

Psychology of Terrorism – Jihad, Suicide Bombing, ISIS, how religion plays a role in terrorism

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