Psychology paper

Psychology paper

 which elements of these theories appear to be a good fit for you at this time? consider your relationship and communication style  ,your view about human

behavior and human development .the kinds of work you wants to do,and what does and does not make sense to you . I did it but my professor didn’t like

my work . I think he wants me to focus in depth to each therapy. this is his feedback to my writing I did notice that you need to use

paragraphs. You should discuss each of the five approaches, but you do not need lengthy examples. I suggest you reread the assignment. Then go back through what you

have written to make sure that it is clearly responsive to that assignment.

Which elements of these theories appear to be a good fit for you at this time? Consider your relationship and communication styles, your views about human behavior

and human development. This kind of works you want to do and what does and does not make sense to you.

There are two therapies that fit me which are the constructivism and multicultural therapies. I really admire constructivism therapy because it has good principles

such as people having free will and explains that their behavior is shaped by people’s emotional and cognitive meaning-making. Cognitive assumptions play a big role in

our emotions and behavior. If we can change our thoughts we can then change how we adapt to the environment. We need to focus on this aspect of the therapy where the

person processes the new information and how the person drives meaning from their experience in the past. I like that the client is encouraged to develop himself or

herself in order to achieve his or her goals while also having responsibility to overcome the negative consequences. As a person who came to United States alone

without the skills to speak any English I encountered negative experiences on my journey to improve myself. I overcame these challenges and I now have a high GPA. I

am trying my best to achieve my goals. Yes it is sometimes scary to face your negative thoughts and question them but as soon as you do that you feel free from

constraints that are holding you back in achieving your dreams. It was big step for me in deciding to take an internship class because I don’t have a car to go to the

internship location and it is my first experience ever working. However when I had negative thought that I cannot do it I try to ask myself why and I work towards

changing my negative thoughts. Also, in my internship place sometimes things do not go as what I want them to go but I try to focus in the good things in order to keep

motivating myself to do my best. Apart from motivating myself, I try to motivate others. A friend of mine wrote to me that all people are liars. I asked her if there

is no one that she knew that is honest? She said yes, and I told her to realize that not all people are liars. She was happy that I changed her mind by asking simple

questions. She wants to more carefully process her thoughts to focus on the good as well. I am good in doing that but I still need to practice that skill to be a good

therapist who can help her patients achieve their goals. I should try to remember to have empathy with them because they are coming to me because they do not know

what to do. I really like this type of therapy because it focuses on the person and in their future. I want to help people focus on improving themselves. I belong to

a collectivist country where people care about other people and then themselves. I think this approach is a good key to have a balanced life.The second therapy that is

a good fit for me is the multicultural therapy. It fits me because I am an international student who studied in a different culture, language, and country. I need to

learn other people specific beliefs in the United States. I believe I need to learn a lot about diversity in order to make friendships and help other people. This is

especially important if I choose to became a therapist in the United States. I need to be flexible and respect the people’s beliefs. I also need to know that their

culture affects how they see the world and can lead to different ways of coping. I noticed differences in culture since I came to the United States. I am living with

an American family and then I moved to live in the school dorm. However, I still need to have more knowledge about different cultures and beliefs. More important than

knowledge is developing the skills like listening and tolerance for others beliefs. What doesn’t make sense to me is ecological systems. I like the process of it for

example the therapist need not only consider the individual but also maybe the family which could have had a bad effect on the person. It is true and we need to focus

on the systems but sometimes I did not like the principle of it because it suggests that people have no free will of their own. The family system and political

environment can affect us but when we choose to allow that to define us that is harmful to our wellbeing. Maybe I will agree if that in one case the person who is

suffering is a kid because he still doesn’t have the maturity to be independent and take control of his life. Feminist therapy focuses in understanding gender roles.

This theory sees woman problems viewed as being inseparable from society’s oppression . I think as a woman I did not personally experience this. Yes, I understand that

women has a lower salary than man but still I see woman problems most of the time as being inseparable from her thoughts. For example I see many examples of success

from people who overcame oppression. Oprah is an African American woman who has reached great success. It is not how the society treats us what matters it is how we

treat ourselves and overcome life’s obstacles. I am not underestimate these therapies but for now it does not make a lot of sense to me. Of course I understand the

woman who feel their experiences are inseparable from society’s oppression. As a person who is constantly growing and gaining experience, I need to emphasize and learn

from others. As a future therapist I need to understand peoples view of different points. I found Multimodal theory and therapy interesting because it focuses on

seven specific aspect of human personally. What doesn’t make sense is that the person will master all the tools to help himself and others. It needs a lot of

explanation because human development is complicated.

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