public health slogan

create a slogan related to an STD for one specific country. Please remember to attach the slogan you created along with any graphical representation/posrer or brochure in a word document or pdf to the appropriate dropbox in blackboard.

In addition to the slogan that you will create and attach, the instructions for week 8 assignment stated the following:

Evaluate factors and considerations for health campaigns

Analyze communication channels and barriers for health campaigns


summary of the factors and considerations that informed the development of your slogan or health message.




Week 9: Tuberculosis (TB) and Emerging Infectious Diseases

Tuberculosis (TB) remains an epidemic in most parts of the world, and a public health problem in developed countries, causing the deaths of about one and a half million people each year.

—Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 2014

Emerging infectious diseases, such as tuberculosis (TB), are a public concern and have been since the 1800s. Today, emerging infectious diseases pose a challenge for public health professionals who are tasked with implementing appropriate strategies and approaches to promote health and well-being. World TB Day is one way of raising awareness among the public and policy makers. These types of campaigns open the way towards diagnosing and curing TB and other emerging infectious diseases (CDC, 2014). The decrease in TB cases and deaths in recent years has been impressive (CDC, 2014). As a current or future public health professional, you may encounter emerging infectious diseases, such as TB, in your work.

This week, you continue to examine factors and considerations for health campaigns as they relate to STIs, HIV, and AIDS. You also examine the factors and considerations for a health campaign related to TB and other emerging infectious diseases.

Learning Objectives

Students will:

Analyze factors and considerations for health campaigns

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Assignment: Application: Health Campaign Slogan or Message for TB or Emerging Infectious Diseases

As you may have noticed, examining a health campaign takes practice. For your Discussion this week, students took into account factors and considerations that influenced the development of the slogan or health message as it relates to STIs, HIV/AIDS. Your colleagues were also able to provide you with a critique by suggesting additional factors or considerations that you might want to address in designing slogan or health message for TB or emerging infectious disease.

For this Assignment, reflect and consider the peer critique you received from your colleagues to develop slogan or health message for TB or emerging infectious diseases.

Note: In grading every required ssignment, your Instructor uses an Assignment Rubric. Review the rubric prior to completing your Assignment.

The Assignment (1–2 pages):

Create a slogan or health message you might use in the development of a health campaign for  TB or other emerging infectious diseases.

Describe different factors that would need to be considered in creating a health campaign slogan or message for TB or other emerging infectious diseases as opposed to such for a sexually transmitted disease.

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