Qualitative Research

Topic: Qualitative Research

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Outline Select one article from a peer-reviewed journal in your subject area that exclusively or predominantly employs a qualitative research design.
Critically assess your chosen article by undertaking the following:
• A methodological evaluation of the chosen research design and its methods. This may include assessing the role of theory and the underpinning ontology and epistemology. To clarify what we mean by “may include”, it is part of the assignment to choose an article of “sufficient interest” that an assessment of a suitable length can be written but you do not have to discuss theory, epistemology and ontology explicitly (or in a lot of depth if you do choose to). So if you do not feel equipped to discuss theory, epistemology and ontology at all or in detail, the article you choose should allow you to have a lot to say/ critique regarding research design, methodology and data analysis (see next bullet point).
• A critical assessment of the data analysis; presentation and organisation of data; and the use of data to evaluate and/or build theory.

The topic that you will criticize must be related to my topic which is Improving Students Citizenship.

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