Race and Ethnicity

DescriptionAccording to Katherine Anne Ackley, racial or ethnic heritage is important to shaping identity. But how should the various racial and ethnic identities that exist in America connect as a society? Should American organizations such as educational institutions or places of work or even American society as a whole adapt a ?melting pot? approach in which all minorities are assimilated into the dominant culture? Or should a ?salad bowl? approach be taken (sometimes referred to as cultural pluralism) in which ethnic and racial groups maintain separate identities with no dominant culture?
Using course readings, outside research, and your own your observations, support with evidence your own position on this issue of a ?melting pot? versus a ?salad bowl? (cultural pluralism) approach to connecting between multiple races and ethnicities. You may apply your argument to a specific type of organization in the US (like educational institutions, academic departments, or places of work) or to American society in general. See Melting Pot or Cultural Pluralism
Your paper should include the following general structure:
1 Introduction: Briefly define the concepts of the melting pot and salad bowl (cultural pluralism) approaches as they relate to organizations or society and explain the differences between them. Make the case for why the distinction between these two approaches is significant for what you are applying them to (society or a specific type of organization).
2 Thesis: Assert your position on whether a melting pot or salad bowl approach is preferable for your organization or society and include a rationale for it. You may also include a limitation.
3 Body: Provide evidence that supports your position and refutes opposing arguments, using appeals (such as logos, pathos and ethos) to develop your argument. Make sure to also acknowledge the validity of an opposing argument/s.
4 Conclusion: Bring your paper to a satisfactory end by referring again to your position using different wording and emphasizing the relevance of your position to society and your audience.
You are writing for a general educated audience and must maintain your credibility throughout the paper. Essays need to use evidence from the class readings and outside research to support the assertions that are made. You may also use personal examples and observations. Use a minimum of four sources which include both class readings and outside sources.
Page limit: 4-6 pages + Works Cited page

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