Rayovac’s case

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After reading this case, please respond to one or more of the questions below. Try to tie in what you’ve learned from Chapter 8 (Case and Chapter 8 attached)

1. How did Rayovac’s efforts to diversify its portfolio help expand its market share and profitability. Identify examples given in the case study. Why do you think it was a strategic move to acquire United Industries and of Tetra Holdings?
2. How do you think Rayovac’s acquisition of Tetra Holdings and United Industries help the company maintain a competitive advantage? Why do you feel this was important?
3. In your words, why was the name change from Rayovac to Spectrum Brands so important for the organization? why would they risk the loss of their brand recognition?
4. Rayovac struggled in the US market for alkaline batteries, holding 3rd in the market; however, it was the leading manufacturer of zinc carbon batteries, in the North American and Latin American Markets, in which it also took the lead for alkaline batteries. What competitive strategy allowed Rayovac to solidify their control of the Latin American Market? Give a few examples to support your statement.
5. What about Rayovac made them different from the cometititon? Amongst their competition how weldor how bad did they preform?
6. How was Rayovac ready to meet the needs of the rising demand for the consumption of batteries? What modes of entry did they utilize?
7. What are the strategies adopted by Rayovac to get itself established as the market leader in the US?
8. How did the fortune of Remington change after being acquired by Rayovac?

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