Reflection paper

Reflection paper

Watch this 90 minute documentary and then write a 2-3 page reflection paper about how you were impacted by it. Refer to the document below. This assignment is worth 20


After watching the film, write 2-4 pages reflecting your impressions/thoughts about it. Remember, don’t describe what you watched or what the film is about, but rather

discuss how you were impacted by what you saw. Follow your inspiration for what to write, but if you need help focusing these questions may help you. Choose one or two

of them and explore them fully. Consider the following:

What emotions, thoughts or memories came up for you while watching this film? Was it harder to watch than you expected? Did you feel no emotions? Explore why it

did/didn’t affect you the way it did.

If you feel puzzled or outraged by the reactions from the “jumpers’” family and friends, rather than focusing on that, and before jumping to conclusions, consider

their reactions more deeply. What might underlie the responses you see? What, apart from insensitivity, could fuel their reactions?

What new insights did you gain about the experiences and emotions of suicidal people?

How did your attitude toward suicidal people change or become reinforced as a result of watching this movie?

After watching this, what did you learn to either do or not do to support someone suicidal?

In the event that watching this film triggers emotions that prevent you from completing it, write your paper on that. Describe how far into the film you got and what

your emotional experience was like up to the point when you stopped. Be thorough and detailed. Also tell me about any previous experiences from your life that may have

contributed to your sensitivity around this subject.

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