Religion and Theology

Final Paper topics. Your choice. Pick one: 1. Issues of Polygamy. 2. Syrian crisis. 3. Religious movies. — Buddhist Movie. — Movie with Christian topics. (Only Hacksaw Ridge. Or Mission 1986.) To write this paper. You must: 1. Choose ONE topic only. 2. Read a PDF from my file. 3. Include the pdf comments in your paper. Include as least 2 BLOCK QUOTATIONS (means more than 5 lines) in your paper. FOR ISSUES OF POLYGAMY 1. State “why polygamy is wrong.” But you can’t make use of any religious argument. Cannot refer to the Bible or any religious teachings. 2. Malaysia and Indonesia are two Asian countries, which practice a dual system of marital status. They allow Muslim citizens to marry according to Muslim tradition of polygamy, while non-Muslim citizens have to be monogamous. State a pros and a cons reason of why a country should practice a dual system of monogamous and polygamous marriage. AND STATE YOUR OWN OPINION. FOR SYRIAN PAPER: Read and comment on the PDF: Syria_Govt. What is helpful in this PDF? Where does it goes wrong on the fact of Syrian civil war? For Buddhist movies: 1. SILENCE (2017): But it’s not shown here. DVD is not yet. 2. Any Buddhist movie. You must message me here to have my APPROVAL. 3. For Buddhist movie approved by me. Read PDF: Some (Hollywood) versions of enlightenment. The 2nd PDF (Buddhism-and-the-Arts) is of your reference only. 4. For movie Kung Fu Panda. Read PDF: An intercultural interpretation of Kung Fu Panda. Also use Notes#5 on Kung Fu motif from “Some Hollywood version of enlightenment.” No need to use the whole paper. Just Notes #5. The extra PDF (Buddhism-and-the-Arts) is of your reference only. For Christian theme movie: 1. Hacksaw Ridge. Must research the belief of Seven-day Adventist. Have to answer the key question: Does today’s Adventist still hold the same view of Desmond T. Doss? Research: JW: Jehovah Witness in Singapore. 2. Mission 1986. Read a PDF I uploaded. 3. Only these 2 movies. You can’t propose your own choice. Essay Format: 5 pages, double-spaced. For footnote, use MLA in-text citations. No need for traditional footnotes. No need for long bibliography, just list of work-cited. Upload into Canvas. Don’t email by attachment. If worry, message me by Canvas

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