Religious: parable of jesus

Religious: parable of jesus
This is a 7-10 pages religious essay about parable of jesus. The short description is below and mostly needs to do research by our own.

I dont accpet with big gap and huge subtitle on the graph, please use MLA format and explaining well until it hits the pages of 7-10. Few references are needed.

Biblical Analysis of a parable of Jesus. Analyze a parable of Jesus. Describe how a parable is different from other types of literature, the different levels of meaning of the text, and how it fits into the particular Gospel’s overall theme in a 7-10 page paper.

page1-Mattew Gospel

Page2-3 Parable

Page 4-5 Old testment Roots and commentaries

Page 6-7 literal, allegorical, moral, anagongical.

Here is a good resource for looking up parables of Jesus:

The syllabus has a brief description of the assignment. Just as you did with the chapter of one of Paul’s letters, select a Parable of Jesus and see what the commentaries say about it.

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