Report on Curricular Practical Training.

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Report on Curricular Practical Training.

Masters in Information systems and technology
Program: Curricular Practical Training (CPT):
1. Outcome/Job Description. Brief information about the company and the group in which you worked.
2. Background about the problem. Your write-up up should address the following questions. What is the context of the problem on which you worked? Why did the
problem need to be solved? Who would benefit from solving the problem? Your write-up should not be in the form of question/answer. It should be in the form of
paragraphs that address the questions above.
3. Focus of the effort. How did you approach the problem? What did you have to learn to work on the problem? What background from courses you took was useful for
solving the problem? How did you go about solving the problem? What measurements did you make? Again, your write-up should not be in the form of question/answer. It
should be paragraphs that address the questions above as appropriate.
4. Results. What were the results of the work? How was your solution used by others? Did you write any papers? Did you write any report? Again, your write-up
should not be in the form of question/answer. It should be paragraphs that address the questions above as appropriate. For example, if you did not write a report you
do not need to say that you did not write a report. Just address the questions as appropriate to your work.
5. Learning experience. How did the internship contribute to the learning experience? How did you apply knowledge from courses to the internship? Did you gain any
insights from the internship? What skills did you develop as part of the internship? Again, your write-up should not be in the form of question/answer. It should be
paragraphs that address the questions above as appropriate.
Outcomes/Job Description.
Role: Business Analyst Iberia Bank
Analyze the business requirements and closely working with business team to get the clarifications addressed. Project mainly focuses on migrating to new OLB (Online
banking) system. Through three major units – Commercial Banking, Retail Banking and Wealth Management, OLB offers customers unique and industry-leading products and
services, with a focus on providing customers with financial solutions to fit their lives. Its diversified business is geared toward high-growth markets and relies on
technology as a key sustainable competitive advantage.
Tasks and Duties:
Design, coding, database and interface development of various software applications using .Net and C#. Duties also include user interaction, defining data flow views
and mini specs, Development of structure charts , specification for program development , preparation of test data, and testing the developed online programs and
backend programs with test data.

Project Technical Environment:
LANGUAGE /TOOLS: .Net (4.0), C#, Selenium Web driver, IBM AS-400, Java, TestNG, Maven, Eclipse, Jenkins, Agile, Rally, HP ALM, JavaScript, SOAPUI, SQL, Appium,
Cucumber, Ruby, HTML, XML,TFS2013,Visual Studio 2015.

• Prepared Test Plan, test Cases, Test scripts and Test data for the application as well as for the database verification based on the functional requirements
and test specs.
• Followed Agile testing methodology, participated in daily SCRUM meetings
• Worked as Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET) is responsible for developing and executing comprehensive suites of automation test plans and test
• Extensively involved in identifying Test cases to automate. Automate those test cases using Selenium web driver, TestNG, Java and C#.
• Involved in creation of automation framework in Selenium Web Driver using behavior driven using Cucumber.
• Developed test code in C# (.NET), Java using Eclipse, IDE and TestNG framework.
• Used Page Object Model in TestNG Framework, MAVEN and used Jenkins to ensure web application is automatically tested via scripts.
• Developed custom libraries for automation using C#, JAVA & Selenium Web Driver.
• Responsible for creating automation framework using POM- Page Object Model, and Data Driven to test web application.
• Performed ETL and Database testing, wrote complex SQL queries, for Data Profiling, Data validation, Source-2-Target Mapping and BI Report Testing.
• Used TFS, Git and Stash to re-modify files and for software development.
• Prepared user documentation with screenshots for UAT (User Acceptance testing).
• Used SOAPUI to test SOA based architecture application to test SOAP services and REST API and SOAPUI
• Designed REST/HTTP, SOAP APIs, including JSON data formats and API versioning strategy.
• Responsible for developing Automation test plans, Traceability matrix/Test strategy and identifying test cases for Automation.
• Contributed to the Continuous Integration pipeline running component builds, creating and running Deployment jobs on individual stages on Jenkins, and running
automated and manual functional tests.
• Integrated Automation scripts (Selenium Web Driver API) on Continuous Integration tool Jenkins for nightly batch run of the script.
• Extensively used SQL statements to query the Oracle Database (RDBMS) for Data Validation and Data Integrity.
• Updated the JIRA with manual/automated test cases and Attended weekly status meetings with development and management Teams.
• Interacted with development and product management teams for the quick resolution of reported bugs and various technical issues.
• Conducted Smoke testing, Functional testing, Regression testing, Integration testing, and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and Data validation testing.
• Participated in User Acceptance testing (UAT) and involved in UA test cases, Executed test cases, Documenting Defects, Resolved defects and Signed Off from
• Provided weekly status report to the Project Manager and discuss issues related to quality and deadlines.

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