Report on taking measures to counteract the competition

Many of the large and dominant supermarket groups in Ireland are currently experiencing significant competition from Lidl and Aldi. Their dominant market share has been progressively eroded over the years. The combined growth of Lidl and Aldi is forcing the major supermarkets to compete aggressively to retain their market share. You have been hired by one of the large supermarket groups as a marketing consultant to address this problem, and draw up an appropriate marketing plan and strategies needed to counteract this attack by the German discounters.
1. Discuss how this situation has evolved over the years and what can be done about it.

2. Consider the economic, social and psychological factors involved.

3. Draw up a comprehensive marketing plan with appropriate strategies to meet this challenge.

Additional information

The problem related to Economics and it defines about writing a report on taking measures to counteract the competition of Lidl and Aldi in Ireland.

Word limit: 1500

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