Research and Reflection 5: Diversity

Research and Reflection 5: Diversity
We live in a diverse world, and we are diverse in a multitude of ways. You may consider any type of diversity that you find interesting and relevant to your past/present/future.

Remember that you can draw on our class discussions and class readings for this assignment, but it is also required that you search for 1-2 other information sources to enhance your learning and make connections to your personal interests and concerns. All sources (both class assigned and those you research on your own) must be properly cited both in text and on a works cited page.

Part 1: Cultural Attitudes Toward Diversity
1. What is our cultural attitude toward diversity? Do you think college students value diversity? Why or why not?
2. Look for evidence of our cultural attitudes toward diversity (think TV, movies, music, social media, media, advertising, products, etc.). How do these things shape our attitudes toward diversity?
3. How do we (on our campus, in our community, in our county, and/or in our world) encourage (or fail to encourage) acceptance of diversity? Is this effective? Why or why not?
4. Is it important to embrace diversity? It is possible to see everyone as equal? Why or why not? Why is this significant to us today?

Part 2: Personal Attitudes Toward Diversity
5. In what ways have you experienced diversity in your own life? What have you learned from these experiences? What would you like to teach others based on what you, yourself, have learned?
6. We often are so busy in our day-to-day lives that we forget to notice our surroundings. Using the Wadsworth Quick Guide to Diversity Article in D2L, take a walk around campus. Maybe sit in the Union or your residence hall for a period of time. Follow the directions listed in the article (p130-131)and simply note what you think and see during your observation. Tell me in detail, about your experience.
7. Has discussing Diversity and completing Harvard implicit tests impacted your awareness of other lifestyles/experiences/cultures? Why or why not? Could you do to expanding your awareness of various types of diversity?

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